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Parked Car Ventilation - Keeps Vehicle Interiors Cool
Return to a COOL Comfortable Car!
Fits on window of parked vehicle and
easily plugs into lighter or power adapter...

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Cool Car is designed to keep car interiors cool while parked. It uses minimum amps and can run safely for 24 hours without draining the battery. Cool Car plugs into your lighter adaptor...


Trust Quality

Made in California,
USA ISO 9001/9100
Certified Manufacturing

Thanks to TNT Plastic Molding Inc for all the help and production of our housings for the Cool Car Product. TNT has been serving the Aerospace, Medical and Automotive industries since 1973.

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Our Mission

Expertly Designed to Keep Vehicle
Interiors Cool While Parked in the
Heat of the Sun

  • High-Tech Manufacturing
  • Precision Engineering
  • Five Star Performance
  • Proven Efficiency

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Business Opps

Here you can sign-up as a reseller or join our affiliate program, both give you the unique business opportunity to distribute our Cool Car products in your area!

Don't miss out on this revolutionary new car device...

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